Nerf wars trending with kids and the kid at heart!

Nerf wars in Toronto has kaboomed in popularity and Archers Arena is well equipped, heavily loaded and ready to host your Nerf Wars session. Let’s be honest here folks…it’s not just for the kids. Nerf Wars channels into your inner 7 year old because you can’t deny the thrill of shooting at each other with nerf guns and have a minimal damage outcome.  How therapeutic and appealing to all ages!

I know, I know…family schedules are always super busy and it’s hard to coordinate sometimes. Let us help you get your family and friends the best Nerf Wars experience! By booking your Nerf Wars session, you are guaranteeing solid family time, exercise and fun memories.

Why Nerf Wars?

More like why not?!  Anyways, paintball is crazy messy (and painful!), bowling and laser tag…meh, it’s alright….I guess. *shrug* But you gotta know though, that Nerf Wars is a great way to try something new in a safe friendly environment and is easy on the budget. Here are a couple of opportunities to book your Nerf Wars session:

Birthday Parties

Party! Yas! When you book a Nerf Wars birthday party, Archers Arena is 100% prepared to assist you in hosting a private birthday party. Nerf Wars birthday party packages are comprehensive to help you cover all the basis.   Party Room? Got it. Equipment? 100% Pizza and drinks? Covered! Free go pro rental? Of course! We want you to capture your Nerf Wars adventure to take home. Check out the various packages and more details on Nerf Wars birthday party packages.

PA Days

Doesn’t it seem like PA Days just suddenly sneak up on you? No worries, Archers Arena runs days camps on PA Days. If the whole family is able to come in, awesome! If not, giving your kids the opportunity to spend their day at Archers Arena learning new skills, meeting new people, making new friends and burning off crazy energy is comforting to parents. Kids get to learn teamwork and strategies in a safe and friendly environment with support from our coaches.

No matter what the occasion, birthday party, PA Day or just because it’s too awesome to not try, Nerf Wars is so much fun for all ages. Whether you wanna plan something just for the kids, family or invite other families to  gear up with Nerf Guns, Archers Arena is ready to help you plan your Nerf Wars adventure! Call Archers Arena at (647) 992-7362 or email to see what all the boom is about for Nerf Wars in Toronto.