If you were a lucky kid, you and your buddies would get your hands on your tried and true Nerf gun. You knew you were gunna shoot every darn dart you could find (or is it just me that I lost Nerf gun darts all the time?). So with pockets stuffed with darts, you and your crew march to the backyard. Teams made and divided to opposite side of the yard…..three! two! one! Screaming and running towards each other, the sounds of Nerf guns popping exploded for about 3 minutes till everyone depleted their pockets. And then that was it. We’d walk around and pick up the Nerf gun darts we could find and have a moment of silence for the darts missing in action.

Nearly 20 years later, here I stand in Archers Arena hearing the very same countdown and pops of the Nerf guns unleashing relentlessly. But there’s a twist, the games have strategy! Its not just about blasting at your opponent with the coolest Nerf gun you’ve got. Here are some of the game modes that are available at Archers Arena:

Team Deathmatch

Goal: Destroy the enemy team by any means necessary.

Strategy: Each team has a 20 lives. When a team member is hit, they must go to the respawn area where they reload their nerf gun and get back into the game.

King of the Hill

Goal: Capture and hold the central hill for five minutes (doesn’t sound like a long time but it is!).

Strategy: Both teams will have a timer and the first to zero wins. Infinite re-spawning allowed.

Arena Brawl

Goal: Be the last one standing.

Strategy: Start with nothing and run to the centre to grab your nerf gun. Start shooting when the signal sounds and have at it.

Rebel Scum

Goal: Identify the traitor!

Strategy: Someone is a traitor to the nerf wars empire and no one can leave till the traitor is found. A sith inquisitor will join the teams and will retrieve information from the minds of dead suspects for clues on who the traitor is.

Capture the Flag

Goal: Reunite the flags

Strategy: Both teams each have their own flag and must protect it from the oncoming enemy while also attempting to steal the other teams flag. The team who reunites both flags on their team base gets a point. Best of 5 solidifies a well deserved victory.

These just a handful of the different modes Archers Arena hosts. We don’t wanna spoil all of our fun secrets! That’s for another day…another blog so stay tuned for more! In the meantime , now that winter is really banging at our doors, its time to move the Nerf war from the backyard to the Archers Arena. We’ve got the cool guns and protective gear too so you don’t have to worry about losing those precious Nerf gun darts…we got you covered! Check out this video for a hint what to expect.