NERF WARS!! That’s right, the new buzz word these days is that same word that’s been floating around for some time now, but why? Why is nerf wars making a huge comeback and how is it captivating its audience? I’m glad you asked.


Nerf seems to be the cousin of laser tag and the younger brother of paintball (maybe not for long).  Where laser tag offers similar game mechanics, it unfortunately doesn’t offer the same satisfying “crunch” as being able to shoot solid objects and yelling at your opponents “YEERR OUT!”  Now I say Nerf wars is the younger brother of paintball strictly due to its blistering (literally) intensity.  Paintball veterans are quick to show their battle wounds at the end of the game.


Nerf has done an excellent job of keeping up with the times by crafting modern nerf guns for an authentic shooter experience while completely negating any kind of pain (besides pride) from being shot.  This fact alone has people flooding through the door and it gets better.  The simplicity of the gun mechanics make learning them enjoyable even for kids.  After a few short minutes of instruction, a child can operate, reload, and unjam the nerf gun with ease which leads into today’s main topic.


NERF WAR BIRTHDAY PARTIES!! There it is.  Secrets out.  Nerf war birthdays have been an absolute hit for all ages due to a combination of its user friendly experience and wallet-friendly attainability and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child bask in the glory of a nerf wars victory more than anything else.  The nerf wars experience seems to be unrivaled (pun intended) by the competition due to these few facts but hey, you guessed it, it gets better.


Archers Arena has really put the WAR into Nerf wars.  How?  Well they can get you and 49 of your closest friends into the arena for an all our brawl that’ll have nerf balls raining like a hailstorm but hey, If you’re looking for a smaller combat experience, no need to fret because private birthday court bookings start at 16 people.  The Nerf birthdays are further enhanced by offering food packages, pictures, Go-Pro rentals and more that will make your birthday one to remember. 

The reviews across the board have been nothing short of amazing and the experience just keeps getting better.  Are you a fan of Fortnite? Call of duty? Then this speaks to you.  Choose your loadout, hop in the game and leave a champion.


Mr. Aimazing (Kyle)