Hello once again archer and Nerf warriors to this weeks blog!

This week we get to focus in on a part of the game that not a lot of people know that we have and that is *drum roll* NERF RENTALS!!  

Archers Arena is known for having an awesome Nerf Battlefield pre-set for guests to come and enjoy without the fuss of setting anything up or tearing it down, however, sometimes we understand that you need to take the party with you and we can help with that.  We have Nerf War equipment available for rental so you can finally host your own Nerf party! This includes Nerf Guns, Bunkers, Ammo bags, safety equipment and ammo that can all be supplied to host your event and we have visitors from Scarborough, Pickering, Mississauga, Markham and all over the GTA  that have taken advantage if this awesome opportunity.  Nerf Wars has gotten increasingly popular amongst kids and the desire to run Nerf themed parties have exploded. Furthermore, sometimes the idea of having a “ref” or “coach” running the games are unappealing to some and prefer to run their own games with their own rules which is great and we have options for those who wish to do so. 


Our Nerf packages are customized to fit all kinds of party sizes and budgets.  The Primary blasters that we use for rental are the “Strongarm” (pistol) and the “Surgefire” (Tommygun).  These two reliable guns use Nerf Darts that are included in every package and the only thing that changes in our packages in the number of items you get within each to accommodate for your party size.  Every single package includes blasters, goggles, ammo bags, ammo, inflatable bunkers and an air pump. Whether you’re hosting a private birthday event, charity gathering or family fun, there’s a Nerf package available for you.


We use a lot of the Rival series Nerf blasters in the arena and for those of you who enjoy the Nemesis, we also have that for sale! (contact us for any inquiries regarding blaster purchases)