Archers Arena Summer Camp $75/Day

Age: 8-14

Available Dates: August 19-30th 2019

Book a week and get 20% off. Call 64779927362


9:30 am Drop-off
10:00 Ice Breaker Games
10:15-11:30 Combat Archery Tag
11:30am-1pm: Lunch and Movie
1pm-2:30 pm: Nerf Wars
2:30pm-4pm: Dodgeball, Hide and Seek or Larping

Combat Archery is a team-based sport that offers a competitive combative experience. The concept of the sport is similar to a game of dodgeball, with exception that instead of a ball, it is played with a bow and arrow. Combat Archery is an opportunity for people to experience how archery was originally used, for combat. Teams will battle in elimination style format that is adrenaline pumping and action-packed. We already have numerous play styles and are constantly coming up with new game mode ideas.

Nerf Wars is a concept that involves nerf guns, foam darts, and simulated warfare. People come together to shoot each other safely and play war games through different game modes that push different challenges on the players. Cooperation and tactics are key in order to win. It's rather easy to pick up and fun for all age groups. Be quick on your feet and trigger happy to get the upper hand on your enemies.

LARPing: Kids engage in mock role-playing games with Knights, Archers, Rogues, Samurai and Berserker. They choose their weapon class and face-off in a gladiator style game.

Ninja Academy: Circuit training and fitness drills, campers will run through various stations where they will be challenged. 

Lunch: Pizza Lunch available for $5, or bring your own packed lunch. Microwave available onsite.

Board Games: Exploding Kittens, Monopoly duel, Uno, Pandemic, King of Tokyo

Movie Screening: Zootopia, The Secret Life of Pets, Inside Out and more.

What to Wear:

  • Wear comfortable gym clothing.

  • Bring Extra clothes to change.

  • Contact lenses instead of Glasses

  • Clean pair of Running shoes

  • Optional: your own paintball/airsoft mask, bandanas, long sleeves shirt, your own arm guards, knee pads

What to bring:

  • Locks for lockers.

  • Go Pro Cameras for awesome footage